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C. diicil poducs toxins A and B which contibut tth dvlopmnt CDAD. Hyptoxinpoducing stains C. diicil caus incasd mobidity and motality, as ths inctions can b actoy tantimicobial thapy and may qui colctomy. CDAD must b considd in all patints whpsnt with diaha ollowing antibactial dug us. Caul mdical histoy is ncssay sinc CDAD has bn potd toccu ov 2 months at th administation antibactial agnts.

It is not known whth this dug is xctd in human milk. Bcaus many dugs a xctd in human milk, caution should b xcisd whn BACTOBAN cam is administd ta nusing woman.

Sious sid cts a not xpctd toccu with mupiocin topical thapy. Stop using mupiocin topical and s you docti you xpinc unusual blisting, itching, dnss, pling, dynss, iitation th skin.

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before using beconase aqueous nasal aerosol, tell the healthcare provider about all of your medical conditions, including if you or your.

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